Pozzotive is a ground glass pozzolan and industrial filler made from recycled post-consumer glass. It is a safer, sustainable and higher-performing material
that dramatically reduces embodied CO2 emissions in concrete.

Revolutionary Product Benefits

Improved Concrete

Improved Concrete

Pozzotive produces a more durable, longer-lasting and higher-performing concrete that significantly improves its resistance to chloride penetration, sulfate attack, efflorescence and freeze thaw cycles.
Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Pozzotive is produced from post-consumer glass, harvested and processed regionally, and used in local, sustainable building projects. This reduces transportation emissions and costly landfills and creates an optimal 'circular economy.'
Safer Material

Safer Material

Pozzotive is free of crystalline silica, a carcinogen, and toxic heavy metals, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly replacement for use as a concrete admixture, industrial filler and abrasive media.

Revolutionary Industry Solutions

Glass Recycling Industry

The economics for glass recovery are quite poor and municipalities across the US are burdened with a rising inventory of post-consumer glass, a vast majority of which is landfilled. Pozzotive utilizes recycled glass regardless of glass color or the presence of ceramics.
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Concrete Industry

The EPA estimates that the production of a ton of cement, a vital component of high-performance concrete, releases about a ton of harmful CO2. Replacing cement with Pozzotive Pozzolan reduces this CO2 on an almost ton-for-ton basis, and provides a consistent, readily-available, clean alternative that actually improves the lifespan and performance of concrete.
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Pozzolan Industry

Environmental regulations and the rise of cost-effective alternative energy sources have moved electricity generation capacity away from coal-fired power plants, reducing the supply and quality of fly ash, the most common pozzolan. Pozzotive fills these supply voids with a high-performance, environmentally beneficial, locally-sourced and easily-replenished pozzolan.
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Industry Leaders Specifying Pozzotive

Centerbrook Architects
E2 Engineers
Perkins Eastman
TLB Architects
Perking + Will
Severud Associates
Dattner Architect

Client Testimonials

Pozzotive has now been proven in many commercial projects. It was recently accepted for use in a new building project at Harvard University, a success story that HBS Professor Shirley Lu and I documented in a new Harvard Business School case, Harvard University and Urban Mining Industries: Decarbonizing the Supply Chain.

Bob Kaplan Senior Fellow and Professor, Emeritus, Harvard Business School

Pozzotive has become an economically viable solution across the Northeast and beyond. Innovative construction materials like Pozzotive, and climate champions like Lou, are critical elements of our lower carbon, circular future.

Julia Gisewite Chief Sustainability Officer, Turner Construction Company

Pozzotive® in the News

Pozzotive featured in Harvard Business Review’s Cold Call Podcast

Special thanks to Professor Emeritus Robert Steven Kaplan and Assistant ...

Award-Winning Pozzotive

Award-Winning Pozzotive

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