Using a patented sorting, cleaning and milling process, Pozzotive ground glass products are utilized across a variety of applications and industries.

Pozzotive Ground Glass Pozzolan (GGP)

Replace up to 50% of the cement used in the production of concrete.

Pozzotive is a ground glass pozzolan that can effectively reduce harmful embodied CO2 in concrete on nearly a ton-for-ton basis.

Pozzolans are an important component of high-performance concrete, and the most widely used pozzolan—coal fly ash—is declining in quality and availability. Pozzotive produces superior performing concrete that has been successfully used in ready-mix pours for high-rise construction, roads and sidewalks as well as in concrete block, pre-stressed concrete slabs and permeable pavers.

In both lab testing and real-world applications, Pozzotive ground glass pozzolan...

check Reduces the embodied carbon in concrete by up to 50%
check Improves adhesion of the aggregates to the cement paste, producing a stronger, more durable concrete
check Resists chloride penetration from road salts used to melt ice and snow, potentially extending concrete life up to 5X longer than conventional concrete
check Resists sulfate attack, a critical problem in brackish coastal area waters and locations with soils containing sulfur compounds
check Reduces moisture penetration that significantly suppresses the negative effects of freeze-thaw cycles
check Prevents efflorescence, an undesirable whitish, powdery deposit on the surface of concrete and mortars
check Reduces water demand by the concrete mix resulting in increased compressive strength while maintaining wet concrete workability
check Is consistent in chemical composition, particle size distribution and color that delivers consistent concrete products
check Delivers a brighter/whiter pozzolan for white cement, reducing the environmentally harmful urban “heat island” effect
check Can be manufactured in every major market, alleviating fly ash shortages and minimizing long-haul trucking and railing
check Utilizes any size or color recycled glass – nothing goes into the landfill
check Contributes to LEED™ and ASCE Envision accreditation by virtue of its regional harvest/process/reuse of post-consumer material
check Is nontoxic, 100% free of carcinogenic crystalline silica and heavy metals and contains no carbon that forces the use of air-entraining admixtures in concrete.

Pozzotive Industrial Filler (IF)

This environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and versatile industrial filler can be produced in any size to suit a range of applications.

Independent testing and use has confirmed that Pozzotive IF is a drop-in replacement for nepheline syenite, an imported feldspar valued for its dispersibility, brightness and durability when used in paints and coatings. Pozzotive IF’s controlled particle size distribution provides this micronized functional filler with performance-enhancing properties across a wide variety of products including paints, coating, adhesives, polymers and elastomers.

Consistent, clean and high performing, Pozzotive Industrial Fillers...

check Are environmentally sustainable as they replace virgin mined materials, such as feldspar, with 100% post-consumer recycled glass;
check Are free from crystalline silica or heavy metals;
check Deliver a smoother, more consistent paint and coating product;
check Impart better stain removal qualities in paints and coatings;
check Maintain an identical paint color index.

Pozzotive Abrasive Blasting Media (ABM)

An ideal abrasive for all surfaces such as concrete, metals, stone, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Pozzotive ABM is a safer and effective abrasive blasting media made from post-consumer recycled glass that is an ideal abrasive for all surfaces.

Pozzotive ABM is used in lieu of both silica sand which contains crystalline silica, a carcinogen, and coal-fired boiler slag that contains heavy metals.